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Judging Leadership in Lambda Sigma Selection Process
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Leadership is not a solitary activity. A test for whether you’re leading: look around! If someone is following you, you’re a leader. If not, you’re on your own.


·     Conceive: create or facilitate a vision of what is to be done, why it is important, and how it can be accomplished;

·     Perceive: grasp current conditions, opportunities, challenges;

·     Believe: have a can-do attitude; they are active, not passive; and

·     Achieve: work with others to bring ideas to life.

Obtaining Candidate Information

Recognizing that some chapters may conduct interviews while others may have written applications with essay type questions, the following may be used in either an essay, or interview situation.

·    Describe your greatest accomplishment. Why are you proud of this?

·    Tell us about an unpopular stand you have taken. Would you do it again? Why (not)?

·    Describe a situation in which you felt others were wrong and you were right. What happened in this situation and how did it turn out?

·    Tell us about a team/group you have been a part of that was a disappointment in terms of cohesiveness. What was your role on the team/group? What specific actions did you take as a member of that team/group?

·    Describe a time when your persuasive skills proved ineffective.

·    What would be your vision for the ______ chapter of Lambda Sigma next year? How would you work to accomplish that vision?

Judging Scales for Leadership

The following table can be used or modified for use as a reference sheet from faculty members or as an assessment of interview/essay questions by the Selection Committee.

                                                                                                                             1     2     3      4       5     0

The following characteristics are important for the potential members to possess.  Please rate the applicant in terms of these characteristics by checking the appropriate rating.  In addition, please explain your rating if it falls above or below the "average" category.


Below Average


Above Average


No Basis

Communication of  ideas clearly in written and/or verbal form







Work ethic & initiative (willingness to “get their hands dirty”)







Problem-solving ability (can understand current conditions and create a viable solution to a problem)







Respect for others (tolerance of ideas other than his/her own)







Positive attitude (not turned away by minor set-backs)







Ability to relate to others (esp. peers & faculty/staff)







Teamwork (can work with others to accomplish a task)







Responsibility (esp. following through on tasks)







Submitted by Nick Christian, Advisor to Beta Theta Chapter

May 2007


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