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The National Executive Board of Lambda Sigma Society is interested in the growth of the society by the addition of new chapters. Each installed chapter is encouraged to make a personal commitment to extension efforts. Each chapter is asked to recommend to the National Vice President at least one university that can be contacted concerning expansion. If a local society similar in purposes and membership criteria to Lambda Sigma exists, information concerning that organization should also be sent to the National Vice President.

The National Vice President will contact all universities at which the establishment of a Lambda Sigma chapter is a possibility.



A chapter of Lambda Sigma Society may be installed in any four-year college or university accredited by the appropriate regional accrediting association.

Those colleges or universities interested in membership shall present to the National Vice President a petition containing the following: a brief history of the organization which wishes to affiliate with Lambda Sigma; statistical data on the number of first-year students; criteria used for selection of advisors, individual scholarship and activity records of all proposed members, criteria used for membership selection; an outline of proposed activities; a financial statement regarding how such activities will be financed; the local bylaws; and letters of recommendation from the ranking student personnel administrator and from two faculty or administrative advisors.

After the petition has been submitted and a visit by a member of the National Executive Board has been made, if the conditions are conducive to a strong chapter, the National Executive Board will consider the acceptance of the petition. The petitioning group shall be notified in writing of the National Executive Board's decision.

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