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Parliamentary Procedure
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Parliamentary Procedure is a set of rules followed by a group of conducting business holding discussion and securing action on proposals. The purpose of parliamentary procedure is to make meetings work mire smoothly and fairly. The procedure protects the right of the members of the group, allowing the minority to be heard along with the majority. The democratic process is based upon the principle that the majority rules.

Roberts Rules of Orderly Newly Revised is the prescribed manual used for reference purpose.

When You Want To You Say This May You Interrupt Speaker Must It Be Seconded? Is The Motion Debatable? What Vote Is Required?

Introduce Business

(a main motion)

"I move that.....?" No yes yes Majority
Amend a Motion "I move that this motion be amended by.." No Yes yes Majority
Study in More detail "I move we refer this matter to a committee no yes yes Majority
Ask about noise, room temperature etc. "Point of privilege." Yes no no No vote
To stop the decision on the subject "I move to table the motion."        
Object to discussion of some undiplomatic matter "I object to consider our action relative to." Yes No No 2/3 vote
Take up matter previously tabled "I move to take from table." No Yes No Majority
Reconsider something already disposed of "I move we reconsider our action relative to." Yes yes yes Majority
End or Adjourn the meeting "I move to adjourn." No Yes No Majority

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