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Presidents Conference to meet at Auburn University

This fall's Presidents Conference will be a milestone in the history of Lambda Sigma and CWENS our forerunner organization. During the conference on Sept. 19-21 at Auburn University, we will honor our outgoing president, Jane Price Harmon, who has been our leader since the establishment of Lambda Sigma, and before as a key leader with CWENS. We’re hoping that all presidents will make a special effort to make history with us.

Any attendee wishing to run for the open position as a Student Representative on the board, should complete an application before the conference. Current Student Reps, Wilton Jackson and Marybeth Bond can answer questions and send the appropriate information. Their contact information is on this web site. We will vote on the new student rep at the close of the Presidents Conference.

Also the Conference we will present our Gift of Honor and recognize our Outstanding Chapter, Most Improved Chapter as well as our Outstanding Chapter Advisor. Attending the Conference as first-time National Board members will be Cheryl Finley (Alpha) the board’s new Recording Secretary and Nancy Kujawinski (Alpha Sigma) the board’s new Treasurer.

Just a reminder to all presidents that Lambda Sigma pays all expenses to attend the conference, including airfare. Conference liaison, Linda Fuerst, ( ) can answer questions about proceedings, including information that she will need from each president. Honor Chapter designation requires that a chapter be represented at the Presidents Conference. If the president is unable to attend, another chapter member may serve as the representative.




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